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Well I'd talked at one point about doing a Dwarf army - I like they way they play but I just get bored with the models. I bought a bunch, but they just sat there. My son took some, and then gave them back. Then at Adepticon 2012 several things came together for me. First, they allowed you to have beer there. Cool. I brew beer. Also cool. Then I saw an AWESOME Ogre Kingdoms Monty Python army - exremely cool, but the inspiration was that instead of a display board it was a cart. It occurred to me that I could put a keg of home brewed beer in a cart, with a tap as a part of the display board. And what goes with beer but dwarfs. I spent several hours thinking and writing down ideas for the army, and the plan is to have it ready for Adepticon 2013.

The whole shebang

Some shots of the entire army as of Feb, and the last one is the army on display for Adepticon in April 2013.


At their first tournament, the 2013 Seige at the Tower in Columbus Ohio on January 5, 2013 I won Best Painted Army. Nothing to show, but $70 in gift certificates to the Guard Tower, which I used to get a bolt thrower and a copy of Flash Point.

At the 2013 Cincycon WFB Tournament on March 2nd, I again won best painted (out of 18 people). This one came with a large beer glass, a copy of the just released Daemon book, and a Garden of Mor scenery kit (close to $100 in prizes). Not bad. I got my score for the Adepticon primer as well, and my score tied with the winner (but sportsmanship was the tie breaker - and he beat me by 3 pts there). Also had the same score as the overall winner, who had the highest score for painting, sportsmanship and game play. Yeah he kicked butt.

So I take the dwarfs, with the beer tap working, to the big one - Adepticon. First thing was the 1000 pt "How You Use It" tournament - and without the display I win Tourney's Choice for half the army. (A mantic skeleton & catapult box, a box of gnoblars, and a pair of crystals (scenery) from Armorcast for the prizes). For the 5 round, 2 day championship, I had a lot of people coming by, bringing their friends, all telling me how much they loved my army and display. Unfortunately not quite enough to get a majority of votes, and did not get the big prize.

At Origins 2013, they dwarfs won Best Painted - unfortunately the awards for this never came in :-(

In October 2013, at the first annual Legendary Games Faire, the dwarfs won the Players Choice, getting a $50 gift certificate (which I'm saving for the new dwarf book rumored to be coming out soon) and engraved glass

Buckeye Battles 2014 - won Best Theme for the team tournament. Tied for third in the voting for Player's Choice this year (got second last year)

RuneLord w/ Anvil of Doom

The general is a Runelord, or in this case the brew master - taking his brew kettle of doom.

Thane Battle Standard Bearer

Dwarfs have high leadership, but a decked out BSB is still a must

Master Engineer

To help the war machines

Master Engineer

A second one to lend his BS to the bolt thrower. I realized I hadn't really converted the first, so this one is made from warrior body with beer (keg) helmet

Rune Smith / Lord

I realized that a 2nd engineer wasn't what I needed - but a Rune Smith to take some of the pain off of losing my lord


For my son's campaign, added a slayer character

Dwarf Lord on Shield Bearers

and added a dwarf lord on shield bearers

Core Units

The warriors are all drunk - finding any drunk / drinking dwarf I could on the internet. I wanted to have a wet t-shirt contest going on - and found a female dward blood bowl team - the line women were perfect for this.

Wet T-Shirt contest

What is a beer party without spraying some beer over babes in really thin white t-shirts. Sometimes I just do things to amuse myself


These guys are shooting beer bottles instead of guns

Special Units

Or should I say Beer Cannon

Grudge Thrower

To hurl kegs of thin, yellow lager at the enemy

Bolt Thrower

Shooting beer bottle bolts


turning cans of crappy beer into something useful - warhammers!


it seems inevitable that when there is a kegger, the underage kids show up trying to get in with fake id's. Yep, the army has Minors as well

Rare Units
Organ Gun

From the keg to the enemy


The beer delivery system. This has been repurposed as a turn counter now.


The new dwarf book was released on February 15th, 2014. One of the cool new units was the Gyrobomber - I'm going to give this a try

Iron Drakes

The other new unit was Irondrakes. Gromil armored, their mini flaming cannons are used to clear out the mining tunnels - and look to be an awesome unit. I converted mine from Mantic Forge Father Stormrage Veterans, and powered their guns with, what else, beer!


I have done display boards before, but this is the most elaborate.

The slayer swimming in the pond is one of my favorite little bits


I have done display boards before, but this is the most elaborate.

This display needed to be able to server cold, fresh, home brewed beer!

So I built a cart around a cooler for a keg, with a tap off the display board.

I then built up a display board around the tower.

My wife made me a wrap/curtain to hide the cart, and the first beer from my display tastes delicious!

I then replaced the curtain on 3 sides with custom removable panels

and added a drip tray for the tap

This site was last updated July 14th, 2014