Everything you never wanted to know about me!
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Like anybody reads this stuff anyway. Who am I kidding anyway? "About me" pages are for stalkers, geeks, and those rare few people that read the author's forwards and/or afterwards in books. Which I am (well, except for the stalker part, and I'm just too lazy for that!)

In the real world I'm married, the father of 5 children (1 step daughter, 3 sons and a daughter) and have a dog. However they are all (somewhat) out on their own now - as of September 2012 we became empty nesters.

I live in Moraine, Ohio.

I work at The Design Knowledge Company where I've been (and continue to be) a senior software engineer for 4 years.

I like to play with toy soldiers, if you haven't figured that out by now.

I also brew my own beer - and I guess I need to add some of that to this site.

This site was last updated April 30th, 2013