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The giant music and advertising NashCorp started out with humble beginning. Helviss Cressley was a young singer with a guitar playing to the locals, mesmerizing the crowds with his catch tunes and gyrating hips. It wasn't until Colonel (retired) Tam Pucker saw him on stage, and saw the way the crowd seemed to follow his every word and movement that the partnership was born.

Colonel Pucker had been in charge of secret projects for the military involving using sound to control and brain wash people without their being aware of it. This research had failed initially, due to the fact that the sound required to implant suggestions and control his subjects was grating and unpleasant to the test subjects. It wasn't until a few years after leaving the military when he took his daughter Milicent to a concert for her 16th birthday that he realized the power that the right type of music had.

Colonel Pucker quickly made his way back stage after the concert, and instantly signed Helviss to a contract. Helviss would write the music, and then Colonel Pucker would add in the underlying sound structure, and when it was performed they found they could influence the crowds to do nearly anything. The first test on live subjects did not go as planned however, as when the song "You ain't nothin but a storm trooper" was performed worked to influence the crowd to gather arms, they found that the demographic of young teen age girls just weren't able to be the lean fighting soldiers that he needed. He was about to abandon the project when he saw Helviss pick up a bottle of Zlurpmaxx to drink between songs - and all the girls in the audience immediately rushed to grab bottles themselves. The idea was sound, it was just the direction that needed improvement. He realized that if they used this new music not to create soldiers, but to advertise products, that they could be richer than they ever imagined. So out of this partnership NashCorp was born.

NashCorp quickly grew to be one of the biggest advertising and entertainment conglomerates in the known galaxy. Their secret and patented "earworm" technology allows them to embed any advertising into popular music, as well as to generate the jingles used across the vid screens for every program, including the Dreadball broadcasts. It wasn't long before they began to sponsor their own Dreadball tournament, the NashCorp Cup, drawing capacity crowds influenced by the music constantly playing before, during, and after the games.

So remember, When you can't get it out of your head, it’s a NashCorp Earworm!

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